How to Choose the Right VPS Host ?

If you are planning to start with an online store, you should be facing a toughest challenge that you would encounter other than developing your own website application. One of the most confusing task is to choose between various hosting packages. You would be known with shared hosting since its much popular and affordable to your business. But the down side of shared hosting is its safety  and when your website needs to be expanded, shared hosting will be your biggest mistake.

Choosing a VPS server will provide a benefit of advanced featured, improved advantages and most important, a better security. Below we would like to share the 6 factors that would make you to choose a right VPS hosting.

Managed hosting Vs Unmanaged hosting

While in shared hosting, you don’t have the root access to the server, hence you don’t have access to manage your server through root access. But on the VPS server you will be  provide with entire control of your server. This is what called as managed VPS. On the other hand in the unmanaged servers, you have handle all the issues such as health, performance and updates. Unmanaged hosting is good for people who are seasoned geek and have the overall knowledge of the server management and some don’t  like to share the server access to the

Linus VS windows

OS or operating system of the hosting server is also an important factor of consideration most vendors offers linux and windows as there are the two popular server OS are Linux and Windows. While considering with costing, Linux is less costlier than windows as Linux are open source software.  So unless your application requires to be developed under ASP, ASP.NET, You can be better go with windows server

Configured Server

The speed and performance of the website largely depends upon the configuration of your server. Capacity processors, RAM allocation, share in the disk size etc. matters. The quality of the physical machine on which the VPS is created is also crucial. This acts as a foundation, the weaker the foundation the weaker the construction. Therefore, the physical machine should be of high capacity and reputed brand.

Scalability and Redundancy

To have a backup resource in place basically means redundancy. Always have a backup resource of anything that you deploy. If you occasionally or suddenly face increased loads on the server, scalability is having the ability to handle such situations by utilizing the redundant resources. Redundancy and Scalability together defines consistent performance and higher uptime.

Customer Support

Problems arise even if everything is perfect. During such times, you need customer support team to help you out. If they are not able to take you out from problems, then simply they are not worth of your money. Examining and testing the customer support of hosting provider will help you to cut down the list of hosting providers.

Affordability and Reliability

When you are looking into hosting for your business, you should also be looking for its pricing and its reliability. Your plans should be matching based on your requirements. Reliability signifies the creditability of the hosting provider in the market. Reviews about hosting providers can also help you to decide the right one for you. If the provider is not at all reliable and users always face downtime, you know that is the not the right one for you. Migrate to a better VPS provider within no time.

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