Why Infinitive host Streaming Server is most preferred for Music Streaming Business?

While you are looking for to start a Music streaming website, you should understand about dedicated streaming servers. Your performance and user experience of the streaming service will be based on your streaming server.

No matter how much fun and addicted your website appears to be, when they stream your medias, If they get buffered, They will be surely get disappointed. There are lots of server protocols are required to help the Audios to be transcoded to many devices.

Dedicated streaming servers are able to deliver and video in real time, which is due to the type of protocols they use. RTP or also known as Real-time Transfer protocol and RTSP Real time streaming protocol. Now these protocols are acting as layer that look after the web incoming traffic. These are much needed to simultaneously working in the background over these protocols work together to balance the bandwidth load on a server.

Dedicated steaming server are designed to handle a large number of traffic in the website without any downtime and avoids streaming latency. A dedicated servers answers the need of streaming video as it provides massive amount of bandwidth with 100% availability.

Streaming Dedicated servers offers high bandwidth connection to the internet, to serve millions of users and provides huge bandwidth. Without dedicated hardware that routes traffic to maximize output. A dedicated server staff should be providing 24X7X365 support and should take care of system optimization that should make irregular loads and handle high bandwidth demands on them.

Features of Streaming servers

  • Wowza streaming Engine
  • Red 5 Media server
  • FFmpeg Framework
  • Upto 100TB bandwidth
  • Upto 960 GB storage
  • Cent OS 6 64bit
  • Upto 96GB RAM
  • And more.

Its always better to have a brief discussion between a technical team about your requirement and get the right streaming server for your business.


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