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How To Create A Subdomain Through cPanel And Where Subdomain Files Are Located?

cPanel provides you the feature of creating a subdomain, which is a domain with an additional prefix that works independently from the parent domain. You might create a forum for your website (example.com) using the URL “forum.example.com,” as well as a blog, test site, or any number of other permutations.


1. Login to Cpanel.


cpanel login - Infinitive Host


2. Now find the “DOMAIN’ section and click on “SUBDOMAIN”.


KB - Infinitive Host


3. From here you can create subdomain and click on “CREATE” after subdomain creation.


Where Are Subdomain Files Located?

Earlier versions of cPanel required that subdomain files be kept in the directory of the parent domain. It is no longer necessary. The most recent security best practices advise against placing a domain or subdomain within the directory of another domain. By default, cPanel will create a new, distinct directory in your home folder for your subdomains.


Where Are Subdomain Files Located - KB - Infinitive Host

Now that you have a subdomain, you may create a completely new website without registering a new domain.

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