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How To Install Node.js On cPanel Server Via WHM Panel?

The current support for Node.js was added to the newest cPanel v80 version. Previously, cPanel did not support Node.js. It required to be manually installed on the server.

Node.js is a multi-channel, open-source JavaScript runtime environment that may be used to create a wide range of applications.


1. Login to whm panel

login - whm - Infinitive Host


2. Now expand the “SOFTWARE” section and click on “EASY APACHE 4”.


KB - WHM - Infinitive Host


3. In this section, click on “CUSTOMIZE”.


WHM - KB - Infinitive Host

4. Now click on “ADDITIONAL PACKAGES” and enable the “NODEJS16”.


whm- KB - Infinitive Host

Last Update: July 26, 2022  

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