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Set Up CSF Firewall To Block Traffic By Country Via CWP Panel

With the ConfigServer Security Firewall (CSF) Plugin, we may restrict traffic to websites hosted on CWP Panel by nation. A customer who requites the ability to restrict specific nations functions more over here. These steps will walk you through the process of activating this functionality.


1. Login to CWP Panel. (root privileges).


login - cwp - Infinitive Host


2. In the “NAVIGATION’ section, expand the ‘SECURITY’ option and click on ‘CSF FIREWALL’.


step 2 - cwp - Infinitive Host


3. Now click on ‘FIREWALL CONFIGURATION’ and open the configuration file.


step 3 - cwp panel - Infinitive Host


4. On the configuration page, find the ‘CC_DENY’ section.


cwp panel - Infinitive Host


5. In this section we can block traffic by mention the country code for expamle IN for India, BZ for Brazil. And click on save changes then.


Infinitive Host - step5 - KB

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