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How to Suspend a Domain in WHM panel?

WHM allows you to suspend / unsuspend accounts. This is typically only used when an account you manage reaches a delinquent billing status. When you suspend an account, traffic to the websites on the cPanel account in question will be redirected to a generic account suspension page. When the account is then unsuspended, this redirect will be removed automatically.

Below we would like to teach on how to Suspend and unsuspend a domain in WHM Panel.

Step1. Log in to WHM.

Step2. Click >>Manage Account Suspension option under –>Account Functions.

Step3. You can select the account either by clicking the username or the main domain of the account.

Step4. You can also place a note in the box ‘Reason’ to help remember why it was suspended.

Step5. Click >>Suspend option to suspend the account.

For Unsuspend an account

Step1. Click >>Manage Account Suspension option under –>Account Functions.

Step2. Click >>Unsuspend option to unsuspend the account.

Last Update: July 29, 2022  

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