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What Are Bare Metal Servers, And How They Are Better Than VPS Servers?

The range of modern hosting alternatives is expanding at an unprecedented rate. A robust web hosting service is needed for individuals constructing co

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Apache vs. Nginx: Which web server is better?

Apache & Nginx are the most widely used web Servers worldwide. Over half of all internet traffic is served by these two services. Both platforms h

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How Is Server Location Important For Your Website SEO?

Your website’s speed, the location of your hosting server, on-page optimization of your website pages, and other elements all play a role in the

VPS Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting: What Is The Difference?

These days, there is a lot of confusion concerning the technological differences between Cloud & VPS Hosting when it comes to choosing the best We

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make Your WordPress Secure

Every website owner has to be concerned about WordPress security. Daily, Google removes roughly 10,000 malicious websites from its index, and it remov

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How To Choose A Good Video Hosting Platform For Your Business

For streaming any video content, good video hosting platform is essential. Streaming Server Hosting companies are developing increasingly sophisticate

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4 Best Live Streaming Software trending in 2021

Your live streaming rate may make or break your viewers’ interest in your content. Delay in video and animation can hinder the message you are t