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VPS Hosting And Reseller Hosting : The Difference

When you start an online company, there are several things you should care for. A well conceived website is one of the most important things when you set up your company. And even if your website has a lot to look and feel, the hosting is often overlooked by many persons.

Good web hosting and the layout of your website are equally important. Good hosting means good loading speed, reduced downtime and assistance. But how do you decide which is the host for you with so many hosting options available?

It is a little difficult to choose the best web hosting service, because there are so many hosting services. In this paper, we see a comparison between the two hosting platforms most commonly used and most popular: Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting to help you decide better and more informed about the hosting solution on your web site.

Reseller Hosting

If you decide to host a reseller, you can resell the web hosting company’s hosting resources as a reseller. It means you can easily set up your own brand name for web hosting. The owner or reseller can host different users in reseller hosting.The reseller is for all users the service provider. 

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Reseller hosting guarantees flexibility, accessibility and trustworthiness. You must be able to create hosting accounts for your clients before you get on board, everything else, like server management, infrastructure management and security, is managed by the web hosting company if you are planning to establish your own web hosting company. As a web hosting reseller, you have to take into account the needs of your customer to develop your business.

Advantages Of Reseller Hosting

  1. Reseller hosting is easy to set up and manage and is user friendly.
  2. For starting your own web hosting enterprise through reseller hosting, you need no detailed technical knowledge.
  3. Since the WHM control panel has reseller hosting, through this single control panel you can easily manage all your client accounts.
  4. Reseller hosting update is also simple and either the Linux or Windows operating systems are open to you.

VPS Hosting

A combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting is the Hosting VPS (Virtual Private Server). VPS-hosting is the best for you-hosting sharing or dedicated hosting. Your account is isolated from other user accounts in a VPS and your account or websites will not be affected regardless of how heavy their traffic is.

A single physical database is actually a VPS which is split into several virtual segments. VPS also includes the WHM control panel which can be used to create multiple account, and a VPS can also be used for reselling. You can opt for VPS hosting to power complex customer websites and Web apps when you are a designer or a web developer.

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Advantages Of VPS Hosting

  1. A physical server has its own infrastructure and operating system, separated and distributed into different virtual accounts.
  2. VPS hosting is affordable and makes it easy for users to update their hosting accounts.
  3. Full Root Access: Free to install whatever you want.
  4. Greater stability and performance compared to the other

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 The Differences Between Reseller And VPS Hosting

Depending on the type of company you run, the important differences between reseller and VPS hosting are. The prospect of creating multiple web hosting packages makes it easy to resell a simple job. Re-investment in more servers is recommended to allow you to host more customers to increase your income.

You want VPS hosting when you run a single website. VPS Hosting offers set services to which you can access only your website. It makes sure the site runs smoothly and easily loads web pages leading to an overall better user experience. It may be a difficult task to manage multiple online websites.

 You can host all web pages under one login by reseller hosting. This makes it very easy to manage because you can find sites that need updates quickly.

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