Haproxy Load Balancing: Fast & Reliable solutions for High Availability Applications

Enterprises and technology vendors are using this cost-effective solution for HTTP & TCP based applications for Linux based Servers. Haproxy Balancing is a highly recommended solution for traffic distribution across server farms to optimize and maximize performance & redundancy. Haproxy Clusteringintegrates into existing architecture for various operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and lots more.

A minimum of 2 servers with a combination of an ordinary server as well as secondary high configured hardware nodes, a VT enabled processor along with 5 or more IP’s and a hypervisor to virtualize the VM clusters for heavy website traffic spikes and storage requirements.


Haproxy Load Balancing features

Single process event-driven model

Improves processing performance and memory usage.

Proactive Event Checker

Event checking to detect events and connections in a clustered environment.


No data-copying during read and write cycles saves CPU cycles and memory bandwidth.

Work Factoring

Limitation of accept () per iteration and multiple accept () distributes load amongst various processes.

Enhanced Session Rate & high data forwarding

Equal distribution of requests with load balancing and packet switching for optimized data forwarding.

Highly Reliable & Secure

High availability for heavy traffic sites, applications, & environments for critical usage. Stringent Intrusion algorithms to keep mission-critical data safe & secure.