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Get web hosting on google cloud that is affordable, up to the mark, fast & provide stable application solutions.


Whatever Your Business Needs, Our Google
Cloud Hosting Fits You !

Our Google cloud platform services are built to cater whatever your company needs and provide customized solutions for it.

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GCP For Individuals

No matter if you are a blogger or working as a developer our google cloud servers fulfils all your requirements.

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GCP For Ecommerce

Our GCP cloud hosting caters all your business needs & issues by allowing you to focus on your business.

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GCP For Agencies

GCP hosting handles your server configurations & allowing you to focus on more important tasks of your business.

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Do not worry about scalability and optimum resource utilisation with our best google cloud server.

Still In Doubt That Our Google Cloud Services Fits Your Business?

Contact our expert to get free assistance to know more about our services or install managed Google cloud hosting on your server.

Our Google Cloud Managed Hosting Features

Things That Made Us Best Google Cloud Hosting Platform

Here at Infinitive Host we have in-depth knowledge of serving Google Cloud Hosting services to our different customers and offering them fully managed Google Cloud services.

  • Get full consultation from GCP Cloud tech expert
  • Free migration & installation of GCP apps
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of servers
  • Exclusive templates & practice guides
  • Full flagged developer support system
  • Google cloud certified team for support


Infinitive Host Google Cloud Hosting Services

Whether you want to upgrade your corporate application or launch a maintenance release, our highly experienced GCP Cloud hosting experts are always here to help. Workload on the google cloud platform can be planned, designed, monitored, managed, and secured by a Google cloud professional.

  • Backup Solution : We offer free backups on all GCP cloud services, choose from monthly, daily & weekly backups.

  • Affordable GCP Plans : With our affordable google cloud hosting services you do not need to worry about budget expansion. All our GCP plans are made according to the customized needs of your business that also fits your pocket.

Exclusive Features Of Google Cloud Server

Our Google Cloud for web hosting solution provides personalised solutions for your business that not only fulfil its needs but also perform outstandingly on other hosting aspects.

  • Flexible cloud computing for load balancing & auto failure.
  • Cross data centres that fulfil highly available needs.
  • Zero downtime guarantee.
  • One click command and update feature.
  • 24*7*365 uptime monitoring system.
  • Provision of email alerts for updates and changes in container state.


Google Cloud Managed Services To Run Databases & Apps

We always value productivity, that’s why we offer the finest Google Cloud Hosting solutions for all customers that fits their individual needs. Our fully managed cloud server performs up to the mark to satisfy its client needs.

  • Hassle Free Google Cloud Services : Join Infinitive Host to get the hassle-free Google cloud server management services without any difficulties and issues as we are counted among the top managed Google hosting providers in India.
  • Powerful Performance : Infinitive host provides effective stake, pre-configured, industry-standard best servers hosted with Google cloud that aids to improve its user experience to the next level and optimally utilise catch resources.

Get Best Google Cloud Hosting Services

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Get secure migration of your data to our GCP Cloud hosting platform.

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We work 24*7 to listen to your GCP web server issues & troubleshoot them instantly.

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Get consultation for audits and reviews of your google hosted server.

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We optimise the performance of your GCP web server & ensure 99.9% network availability.

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We provide GCP cloud hosting with GCP infrastructure management & application deployment.

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Get advanced monitoring features like- forms, sales funnels, call to action buttons & more.

What Makes Us Different From Others ?

Advance Security and Innovative Technology

With infinitive hosts best managed google cloud hosting services that provide high level security features and optimum server performance.

  • Get advantage of Google cloud on-demand provisioning.
  • Help and deploy several Google managed applications and services.
  • Advance computation technology to advance your venture.
  • The DRaaS solution offers automatic backup functionality.


Google Cloud Hosting That Never Lets You Regret!

With Infinitive host managed google cloud services you do not need to worry about server configurations. Customer satisfaction is always our first priority that’s why we provide

  • Fully managed
  • High security features with dedicated firewalls
  • 24*7 manual tech support
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee

Join us now.
  • 24*7 instant manual support.
  • Automatic backups to secure your files & data.

Install Managed Google Hosting In Just One Click !


Google Cloud Platform FAQ's

Google cloud platform also known as a public cloud provider that provides a range of computing services that includes data management, web and video delivery over the internet, and AI and machine learning capabilities. Customers can use Google's worldwide data centres to obtain computer resources for free or on a pay-per-use basis.

At infinitive host google cloud platform you will get fully managed Google cloud services with affordable plans and 24*7 manual tech support.

Yes, we provide all GCP support at our managed Google web hosting plans.

You can setup google cloud server by following given steps:
  • Sign-in in your GCP account
  • Go on the project sector page in Google cloud console and create a google cloud project
  • Be sure that billing is visible for your google cloud project.
  • Permit Cloud run admin API
  • Install to initialise the Gcloud CLI
  • Now update components

Google cloud services and Azure are fundamentally comparable in terms of payment, quotas, and other restrictions. However from a functional point of view a Google Cloud platform is more comparable to an Azure resource group. The deployment of cloud resources to it creates a logical unit.

AWS is a secure cloud service developed and maintained by Amazon, Google Cloud on the other hand, is a collection of Google's public cloud computing resources & services. Google cloud platform services are comparatively more affordable and reliable then AWS.

With Infinitive Host best google cloud platform you will get outstanding benefits like:
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility of resources
  • Effective collaboration
  • Advance security features
  • Free migration
  • And data loss prevention.

Yes, Google compute engine is a great platform to host any ecommerce store, and with Infinitive Host you will get many added features.