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Create your own VOD platform & take your events to the next level with our live streaming servers – reaching audiences around the world, in real time!


Why Build VOD Platform With Infinitive Host ?

Integrate voice, video, and message capabilities into your company’s website or software. You want to keep clients on your platform so that they may have easier, more streamlined and personalised experiences. With Infinitive Host gets unparalleled Server scalability with high bandwidth low latency live streaming hosting.


WebRTC Technology

We use top-notch streaming engine software such as Antmedia, Wowza, Red5, & Flicknexs, all of which utilise WebRTC technology for adaptive and extremely low latency streaming.

Launch VOD Platform

Launch your VOD platform with high definition live Video streaming servers to connect with your audience like never before. Increase the revenue of your business with on-demand video service.

Mobile & OTT Apps.

Don’t limit the reach of your live streaming ! Connect to your audience with over 16+ mobile apps, OOT platforms, gaming consoles, and other streaming boxes. Possibilities are endless.

Install Live Streaming Server Today & Elevate
Your Content to New Heights!

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Our Best Live Streaming Video Hosting Includes

Connect with your audience from anywhere via social media or any other OTT platform embedded on your site.
Broadcast high definition video/audio streaming with Infinitive Host optimum bandwidth on streaming plans.
Infinitive Host offers its customers the fully controlled features of live streaming servers with flexibility.
High-quality graphics to give a professional look to your live events and make the best user experience for your customers.
With Infinitive Host, set up your live streaming servers in no time. We offer free setup installation on each server plan.
We provide you strong powerful infrastructure & analytical tools to track, engage, & boost your audience.
Infinitive Host offers round-the-clock support services and monitoring of your live streaming & OTT platform.
Grow your business while deploying only those resources and bandwidth that are required for your business.
We use WebRTC-based streaming technologies and popular streaming software for a seamless user experience.
With our live video streaming server, you can allow access only to selected audiences with password-protected VODs.

Amazing Features of our Live Streaming Hosting

Unleash the power of live streaming and captivate your audience with our feature-packed platform – delivering seamless, high-quality broadcasts every time!

16+ Apps Included

  • Website
  • Mobile Apps
  • Smart TV Apps
  • Xbox and PlayStation Apps
  • Native Apps, Launch Instantly

Powerful IT Infrastructure

  • Powerful IT Infrastructure
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Global CDN
  • Dedicated Servers
  • DRM & Screen Recording Protection

Video CMS

  • Click and Drag CMS
  • Complete Meta-data Management
  • No Code Structure
  • Translation, Subtitle and Multiple Audio Support
  • Global Payment Gateway Support

Multiple Monetization

  • Subscriptions (SVOD)
  • Transactional / Pay Per View (PPV)
  • Video Advertising (AVOD)
  • Crowdfunding & Donation
  • Pre-ordering

Video Management

  • Upload from any source
  • Auto Transcoding & Encoding
  • Multiple Video Profiles
  • Auto-Bitrate Management
  • Powerful & Lag free streaming

Unique Features

  • Launch Instantly
  • Completely Customizable
  • Enterprise Integrations and APIs
  • UGC Support
  • DIY Approach

Power up Your Communication with Advance VOD Platform

Experience the future of broadcasting on our live streaming server, showcase your talent with
our lightning-fast streams, crystal-clear audio, and a global audience at your fingertips !

Support & Monitoring

With Infinitive Host, you can rest assured that your server for streaming video is always running at full capacity, ready to provide your customers the best experience.

  • Monitoring and tracking your audience and boosting their engagement. This will
    help you to make more engaging content that is more appreciable to your audience.
  • We can also provide a custom-built system that integrates with your existing setup.
  • Providing 24*7 manual server support & troubleshooting of issues instantly. Our experts are
    always available to serve you with best possible services and answer your queries professionally.
Easy-Migration-linux-reseller-hosting infinitivehost
Easy-Migration-linux-reseller-hosting infinitivehost

Video Conferencing/ Seminars/ E-Learning

WebRTC streaming solutions from Infinitive Host Server can help to improve your interactivity and provide real-time video streaming.

  • Adding voice/ video calls will enhance your apps. Easily integrate one-to-one and group calling into your apps using our extensive SDKs best streaming software.
  • Effective VOD Innovation- Utilise live-to-VOD, nDVR, recording, and VOD upload options to get the most out of your material.
  • Make it easier for anyone to access your content by distributing pre-recorded video through any player or device using any protocol.

Monetise & Engage Content

With a global reach, you can engage with viewers from all corners of the world, whether you’re streaming a concert, conference, or anything in between.

  • Our powerful platform enables you to engage with your audience in real-time, with interactive features like live chat and polls.
  • Turn your passion into profit, with the ability to sell tickets, subscriptions, and even merchandise directly from your stream.
  • Our groundbreaking WebRTC SDKs make it simple to integrate real-time communications and file sharing into your app.
Easy-Migration-linux-reseller-hosting infinitivehost
Go online with us today
  • 99.9 uptime guarantee.
  • Free migration & backup of your data.

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Our Live Streaming FAQs

It depends on your requirements. We can use red5, wowza or ffmpeg to stream your videos or audios.

These are dedicated servers which have high hardware configuration and bandwidth and all the servers will use High speed SSD thus your videos and audios will be delivered with good speed.

These are ready hardwares but you need to share the information on the platform or softwares which you want to use to stream the videos or audios. You can use ffmpeg, red5, Antmedia or wowza.

We do not take any licence cost for streaming servers, it will be taken care of from your side.

Yes, we can set up these servers for live streaming also. You can choose from softwares like wowza and Antmedia, we can install it for you. A good developer is also required from your side so that he can assist us to install necessary libraries to support your site streaming.

Red5 and wowza are licensed streaming softwares but ffmpeg is free open source.