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One stop solution for backing up your data with 100% expert support. Choose from our daily, weekly, and monthly data backups that exactly fits your business needs.


Our Top-Of-The-Line Data Backup Solutions

Don’t let the worry of data loss be a big distraction to your mental peace. With our reliable and trusted backup solution plans, you can have peace of mind knowing your critical data is backed up and secure. Our top-notch technology and expert support team will ensure your precious data is always secure and easily recoverable, so you focus on what matters the most- growing your business. Don’t risk losing everything – choose our backup solution plans today!

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Optimum Data Security

Sit back and relax with our backup solution plans as we ensure regular monitoring and creating copies of your files and data daily, weekly, and monthly bases.

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Automatic / Scheduled Backups

We know every business is different and its backup demands too. That’s why with Infinitive Host you can choose automatic or scheduled back-ups for your business.


Data In Sync Mode

Synchronising helps to share or access things easily. We ensure that your data will always be in sync mode so you always get real time backups and optimum security.

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Premium Security Features

Infinitive Host provides premium security features with all its backup solution plans. We ensure to keep your data 100% private and secure from hackers & other threats.

Impressive Features That Always Lets
You Worry Free.

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Automatic Backups

With our automatic backup solutions you can choose daily, weekly, and monthly backups as per the requirement of your business. Our expert support ensures full protection & security to your data.

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Threat Protection

Our tech experts are available round-the-clock to monitor the malicious activity to your server with daily malware scans & making free copies to your data. This helps to save data & detect any unauthorised access.


Safeguard From Data Crash

To stop sudden data crash is not in our hands but the prevention from its loss is in. We make automated copies to your files on a monthly and weekly basis that saves you from any crash situation.

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One Click Restoration

It’s very painful to see a sudden website crash, but don’t worry we will save you from here too. You can restore your files and data with just a single click option, letting you always worry free.

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Backup Copies

With our backup solutions you can download the copies of your files and data on your local storage that helps you in easy migration and provide security of data in emergency situations.



Why experience flexibility only in business operations? Get flexible backup plans too. You can choose the date and time of your server backup, you can also shift with our on-demand backups.

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Easy, Reliable & Trusted Backups

Process : Now there are no more manual backups, all the process has been conducted automatically. With this we provide the flexibility in your backup schedule and time.

Scheduled Backups : With Infinitive Host get the benefit of scheduled backups and secure your data with maximum protection. We provide daily, weekly, and monthly data backups as per the needs of your business.

Secure : Our all backup plans are backed by powerful security features that provide maximum security to your server files & data.

Easy : To install our backup solution is as easy as blinking your eyes. Just talk to our expert and he will take charge of all your backup worries from installing the suitable plan to make it happen successfully.

Support : We offer end to end server support facility on our backup solutions. Our experts listen to your issues instantly and provide solutions to your problems in an instant.

Backup Solutions On Cloud Storage

We know data security is your prime concern and thus ours too, that’s why Infinitive Host offers the industry leading best cloud storage services to fit at whatever level of business you’re operating at: small, medium or enterprise. Live worry free with our backup solution plans that are especially designed to meet your business needs & also fits to your pocket. With cloud backup, your data is stored off-site in a secure data centre, protecting it from physical damage or theft. Plus, with automated backups, your data is regularly and consistently backed up, ensuring that you always have access to the most recent version of your data.
With our advanced cloud technology, we provide a seamless and secure backup solution that ensures your data is always safe and accessible. Our solution allows you to easily schedule backups, restore files, and access your data from anywhere, anytime.

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  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • 24*7 manual server support.

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Our Backup Solutions FAQs

Backup and recovery solutions refer to the processes and instruments put in place to create and store copies of critical data in preparation for its potential loss due to system failure or human error. Tools like this may help businesses restore data quickly, cutting down on downtime.

With the help of automatic backup systems, daily backups are possible. Due to this, you can rest certain that your information is secure and up-to-date at all times.

If you want to improve your backup plan, you should examine it carefully and fix any flaws you find. If you want your backup system to be more secure and reliable, you should look at more cutting-edge solutions and technologies, such as cloud-based backup.

The backup is determined by the requirements and goals of the company. While daily or more regular backups are advised for mission-critical data, less frequent backups are acceptable for less urgent information. Unlike manual backups, automated backup systems may be set to run on a predetermined schedule.

With a backup plan in place, you can be certain that your most important data is protected from hardware failures, natural disasters, cyber attacks, and human mistakes. The presence of a backup plan can minimise anxiety and the odds of experiencing data loss or a hardware failure.

A company's backup approach, the quantity of data it stores, and its recovery goals all influence how many copies of data it should keep. The rule of thumb is to have at least three copies of your data saved in separate places, including one copy that is kept in a secure off-site location.

Backups for businesses should be kept in a safe, off-site place away from the dangers of things like fires, floods, and theft. Solutions that store data in the cloud are becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits they provide in terms of scalability, security, accessibility, and backup and restoration.

The demands of a business and its backup plan will determine how often backups are created in a backup solution. Backups may need to be created on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis; however, some businesses may simply need daily backups.