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How to work with swap space on Linux system - infinitivehost

How To Work With Swap Space On Linux System

Swap space is an integral part of modern computers and is not OS-specific. Linux may boost a host’s total amount of virtual memory by making use

WooCommerce vs Magento- Which Platform Fits your e-commerce

WooCommerce and Magento are both powerful e-commerce platforms with many useful features and a large user base. It’s difficult to determine a cl

Where Is the htaccess File in Joomla - Infinitivehost

Where Is the .htaccess File in Joomla?

An open-source CMS like Joomla gives users the impression that they can manage their whole site from a single, well-organised dashboard. Despite the f

How to Avoid Getting Your Email Blacklisted?

As an email marketer, you’ve probably experienced being placed on a “blacklist,” where your domain or IP address is blocked. You sho

What are Joomla's Top Benefits - infinitivehost

Top Benefits Of Joomla That Can Blow Your Mind!

Read this guide once if you’re still in the dilemma about utilising Joomla to build your website. This article will shed light on why this CMS i

What Is The Inode Number In Linux - Infinitive Host

What Is The Inode Number In Linux?

Index Node is known as INODE. It is the most reasonable and accurate guess they could come up with, even though history is not entirely certain of tha

How to Protect Dedicated Server From A Cyber Attack - Infinitive Host

How To Protect Dedicated Server From A Cyber Attack?

There are more ways than you would think for hackers to hurt your company. Over the past few years, both the incidence and danger of these attacks hav