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5 Cloud Computing Tips for Businesses - Infinitive Host

5 Cloud Computing Tips for Businesses

Introduction: There is a growing demand for successful businesses to take advantage of technology and streamline their processes in order to increase

4 Common Myths About Cloud Computing

Computing in the cloud is a novel idea. Some companies have yet to make the transition from on-premises data warehouses to cloud-based ones. Some peop

What Is Squid Proxy Server?

Squid  proxy server is an open source Unix proxy server that stores Internet content in a cache that is geographically closer to the user making the

What is SMTP Mail delivery? How it is beneficial for business - infinitive host

What Is SMTP Mail Delivery? How It Is Beneficial For Business

SMTP email delivery, which means sending an email through a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the standard way to get an email into a mail server. But

difference between Single Processor & Dual Processor Servers - Infinitivehost

The Difference Between Single and Dual Processor Servers

The server’s Central Processing Unit, also known as the CPU, is the server’s actual CPU. Processing data, instructions, and operations is

What Is Linux Load Average?

If we’ve ever used a Linux server, we’ve heard the term “system load” or “average load.” System load or load avera

Types Of SSL Certificates Available To Protect Your Website - infinitivehost

Types Of SSL Certificates Available To Protect Your Website?

Having an SSL certificate on a website indicates to visitors that it is secure. In addition, search engines give your site their seal of approval, ind