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Our Top-Of-The-Line Data Backup Solutions

No matter how much space your business requires, we provide full coverage because ensuring your data safety is our priority. Pick a number, let's say 1TB or 4 TB data storage, we all got you covered. Just check our resource pool & pick any data backup which suits your needs and we will ensure its secure installation that utilises your resources at its maximum.

Never Lose A File Again

Never Lose A File Again

We ensure that you will never get stress in your head. Yes, with infinitive host data backup solutions get a peace of mind all your files are backing-up securely.

Automatic / Scheduled Backups

Automatic / Scheduled Backups

Infinitive Host data backup solutions are designed to fit your customised needs. You can choose automatic or schedule Back-ups as per the needs of your business.

Data In Sync Mode

Data In Sync Mode

Synchronizing makes it easier to share and access. With Infinitive Host Your data will be in live sync mode so that you can get real time backup & ensure its security.

Premium Security Features

Do not worry with Infinitive Host backup solutions that come with premium security features. Our cloud storage platform protects your data & keeps it 100% private.

Our Featured Backup Solution Plans

Infi Storage IS1

  • Space 1 TB
  • Bandwidth 8 TB
  • FTP, SFTP, Samba access

‎₹4125 per Month/55 USD per month


Infi Storage IS2

  • Space 2 TB
  • Bandwidth 16 TB
  • FTP, SFTP, Samba access

₹4500 per Month/60 USD per month

Infi Storage IS3

  • Space 4 TB
  • Bandwidth 32 TB
  • FTP, SFTP, Samba access

‎₹5625 per Month/75 USD per month

Backup Solutions On Cloud Storage- Strength Of Your IT Infrastructure

Secure your data, secure your peace of mind with our reliable backup solutions. Infinitive Host offers one of the best cloud storage services for data backup solutions that works best for small to large scale business enterprises at an affordable price. You can choose any of our backup solutions for business that let you free from worry and also fits your pocket.

What Our Customers Says

Satisfied customers are always our top priority. We always work to align with our customers' best interests and success - because their success is our success. We are in this together and want you to succeed ! Our tech experts are always available 24*7 to listen to your data backup issues and troubleshoot them instantly.