Common misunderstanding about Dedicated hosting servers

Today Online business has many options when it comes setting up the dedicated servers. According to the research Managed hosting market is projected to reach a value of 47 Billion USD by 2018 and Recently Dedicated server hosting has been under scrutiny, surrounded by Good hype and negativity about its management.  Below are the common misunderstanding of dedicated hosting servers that are being commonly occurs.

Dedicated hosting has very little or no control

The main misconception about dedicated servers host s that it prevents users from control its most of the features, and The client should look on the servers experts to manage the hosting as well as their hardware limits of their permission accessibility and control.

You don’t have to be in responsible for maintaining the actual servers.  The entire server will be taken care of the server providers. You don’t  worry about the maintenance and security.

Dedicated servers has not reliable

Access and control will be varies based on the server providers, Hosing service provider will like Infinitivehost will make sure you can get full access to your own Dedicated servers. And in their fully managed server helps in the complete care over your server maintenance.  Infinitivehost will makes sure to manage your application or and resource at real time and prevents you from unexpected downtimes.

Additionally, some consumers view dedicated servers as inherently less redundant than cloud servers. However, when built the right way, with failover destinations available, dedicated infrastructure can be just as highly available, if not moreso, than cloud deployments.

Dedicated servers are too expensive:

Purchasing Dedicated servers are like leasing a real server and its resources.  Dedicated servers is definitely an investment towards your business.  Infinitivehost provides Dedicated hosting plans at the price starting from USD 80 per month.  We have many number of hosting plans that will allow you to utilize all its resources. You can always connect with one of our dedicated server specialist who can create a custom solution aligned with your business needs.

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