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Why You Should Go With Java Hosting

One of the most loved and popular programming languages in the market is “Java”. It is considered as one of the modern programming languages. JVM aka Java Virtual Machine provides the maximum portability and isolation and its numerous frameworks make developer’s work at ease. The biggest strength of Java web hosting is that it has no portability issues. The Same code can run easily on Windows as well as on Linux servers.
All you need is Infinitive Host Java Hosting Solution. Java Hosting gives the rock-solid ability to run and manage your Java Server Pages (JSP). These pages are based on a server-side language that produces dynamic and appealing web-pages by using tag-based codes inserted into HTML and XML.
In order to avoid all your obstacles, Infinitive Host presents a rock-solid Power Packed JAVA Hosting Solutions. As we are continuously ranking as one of the leading Hosting Service Providers.

Our Featured Java Web Hosting Plans


  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 Core CPU

‎₹3000 per Month/40 USD per Month



  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 Core CPU

₹3750 per Month/50 USD per Month


  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 Core CPU

‎₹5250 per Month/70 USD per Month

Why We Are Best Java Hosting Provider

Here at Infinitive Host you will get a wide array of customised Java Hosting plans and instant server issue support with our highly experienced technical staff. With our Java web hosting services you can host applications such as servlets, JSP and application servers developed on Java. We have been working as a hosting provider for years and these years of experience in Java Hosting have marked one of the important factors in our growth.

Wide Range Of Java Hosting Solutions

We are continuously working to provide best Java Hosting servers and have customised plans to fulfil our customers needs which include both shared and VPS. You have the power to choose according to your needs, you can easily upgrade, downgrade or change packages as your Java Platform demands. From 1-click installation to fast and high speed server infrastructure, we work round the clock for your growth.

java hosting solutions

High Security Features With Backups

Yes, we know the importance of back-ups and safety. We remain proactive to ensure that data integrity and safety should be maintained at every step. Infinitive Host provides an uptime guarantee up to 99.99%. Our first line of defence starts with the RAID disk sub-system. You can easily restore and take back-ups. Trust us to keep your website’s data safe and sound, try our daily hosting backups today!

Back-ups- safety

Affordable Java Hosting Solutions

No matter whether you are a developer or a businessman our Java hosting plans are fully customised to your needs and affordable at the same time. With our affordable Java web hosting, scale your business at new heights and optimise its fully featured resources.

Affordable java hosting solutions

Fast, Flexible And Easy To Use

Grow your online business with our fast, flexible and easy to use Java Hosting services. Infinitive Host gives you full access to your Apache Tomcat container. You can easily deploy WAR Files, JSP, and start and stop your TOMCAT container anytime.

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Lightning Speed Fast SSD Drives

We are aware that whatever business you are doing online its success heavily relies on speed. High-performance SSD drives will significantly speed up the performance of your Java-built and -developed apps. High speed websites are essential to provide high quality user experience and retain them for a longer time.

Lightning speed Fast SSD drives

What Our Customers Says

Satisfied customers are always our top priority. We always work to align with our customers' best interests and success - because their success is our success. We are in this together and want you to succeed ! Our tech experts are always available 24*7 to listen to your Java Hosting server issues and troubleshoot them instantly.