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Explore the full potential of your containerized cloud applications with our Kubernetes managed services – let us handle the complexity of servers while you focus on innovation and growth.

Unified & Pre-Qualified Kubernetes Management Platform

It’s common for organisations to have difficulty in balancing the needs of their consumers and shareholders while also trying to streamline the supply of vital applications and infrastructure. By using containers and Kubernetes, you can help improve delivery metrics, speed digital transformation, and reduce time to market. With Infinitive Host managed Kubernetes services you will get: Containerized application infrastructure services with a high level of Kubernetes security, provided by a carefully curated platform experience. Team of certified Kubernetes administrators will Assist you that are well-versed in the Kubernetes management platform.

Choose Our Kubernetes Container Platform For Innovation & Application Modernization

Infinitive Host managed Kubernetes services provides a hassle-free way to install, manage, and scale containerized applications in the cloud. We have a team of experts that will handle the operational aspects of your Kubernetes cluster allowing you to focus on developing your applications and delivering value to your customers.
On our Kubernetes management platform you will get the benefit of automated upgrades, security patches, backups, high availability and reliability of your applications. We also offer easy integration with other cloud services and tools, enabling you to build complex and scalable architectures. Choose Infinitive Host managed Kubernetes services to facilitate your application development and lower the operational burden of managing your Kubernetes infrastructure.


Install container images with a flexible upgrade/ downgrade option.

Single Interface

Deployment and management of clusters in public and private clouds with a single interface


Manage peak performances by scaling application containers and Kubernetes clusters.

Resource Utilization

Balances load and get optimum resource utilisation across containers and clusters.


For unified app performance, enable multipath communication (dataflows) between containers.


Smoothly collaborate complex tasks with easy container sharing on various nodes & clusters.

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Efficient And Highly Scalable

Our open source Kubernetes platform is based on the same technology that allows Google to operate billions of containers a week. This makes it ideal for businesses that are growing rapidly and need to be able to handle large amounts of data.


Multi-Cloud Services

With the help of Infinitive Host Kubernetes managed services, your container-based apps can be easily migrated across a variety of clouds and environments, offering you more flexibility and cutting down on time to market.


Enterprise-Grade Security

Our Kubernetes container security solution includes protection for all running containers as well as the additional services required to run applications. Our highly experienced tech experts take care of it, so you don't need to worry.

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Trusted, Reliable & Powerful Kubernetes Management Platform

Kubernetes is an advanced automation platform that offers many benefits, including the ability to deploy and move containers and containerized applications seamlessly across multiple IT ecosystems and host platforms. Kubernetes nodes and clusters are referred to as hosted systems. Thanks to the Infinitive Host open source Kubernetes platform, activity-based applications can now be transferred and managed across multiple clusters with ease. This makes it possible to create transformative development, testing and operational environments.
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Our Kubernetes Hosting FAQs

  • What is the advantage of Kubernetes?
    By automating the process of deploying, scaling, and managing containers, Kubernetes makes it easier to manage applications that run in containerized environments. Services like service discovery, load balancing, and automatic recovery are also available.
  • What is Kubernetes in simple words ?
    Kubernetes is a free and open-source software system for managing and deploying containerized applications. In layman's terms, it's a way to control and coordinate a group of containers.
  • Can Kubernetes run without Docker ?
    Kubernetes can function properly without Docker. Kubernetes supports many container runtimes, including Docker, containerd, and CRI-O, with Docker being the most common.
  • What is the difference between Docker vs. Kubernetes ?
    Docker is a containerization technology that makes it easy for programmers to encapsulate their code and all of its prerequisites. But, Kubernetes is a container orchestration technology that handles the coordination of a number of containers inside a single cluster.
  • What is the use of Kubernetes in DevOps ?
    To simplify the process of deploying, growing, and managing containerized applications, Kubernetes is an essential DevOps tool. Kubernetes allows programmers to speed up and improve the dependability of application rollouts.
  • What problem is Kubernetes trying to solve?
    Kubernetes is an effort to streamline the process of controlling and expanding containerized software. It is becoming increasingly challenging for enterprises to manage and orchestrate several containers as they adopt a microservices architecture and adopt containerization. Kubernetes unifies the process of maintaining and growing containerized applications on a single, unified platform.