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Plan NameMemoryProcessorStorageBandwidthSSLOSOtherMonthly Price 
AWL 12 GB Memory1 Core Processor60 GB SSD Disk3TB TransferFree SSLLinux OSFully managed₹4125/55 USDSTART HERE
AWL 24 GB Memory2 Core Processor80 GB SSD Disk4TB TransferFree SSLLinux OSFully Managed₹4875/65 USDSTART HERE
AWL 38 GB Memory2 Core Processor160 GB SSD Disk5TB TransferFree SSLLinux OSFully Managed₹6750/90 USDSTART HERE
AWL 416 GB Memory4 Core Processor320 GB SSD Disk6TB TransferFree SSLLinux OSFully Managed₹12000/160 USDSTART HERE
AWL 532 GB Memory8 Core Processor640 GB SSD Disk7 TB TransferFree SSLLinux OSFully Managed₹19500/260 USDSTART HERE
Plan NameMemoryProcessorStorageBandwidthSSLOSOtherMonthly Price 
AWW 12 GB Memory1 Core Processor60 GB SSD Disk3TB TransferFree SSLWindows OSFully Managed₹4875/65 USDSTART HERE
AWW 24 GB Memory2 Core Processor80 GB SSD Disk4TB TransferFree SSLWindows OSFully Managed₹6750/90 USDSTART HERE
AWW 38 GB Memory2 Core Processor160 GB SSD Disk5TB TransferFree SSLWindows OSFully Managed₹9750/130 USDSTART HERE
AWW 416 GB Memory4 Core Processor320 GB SSD Disk6TB TransferFree SSLWindows OSFully Managed₹14625/195 USDSTART HERE
AWW 532 GB Memory8 Core Processor640 GB SSD Disk7 TB TransferFree SSLWindows OSFully Managed₹27375/365 USDSTART HERE

We Provide More Convenience To Your Journey With AWS Cloud Hosting

Whether its businesses, non-profits, and governmental organisations Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud web hosting solutions that fit everybody’s needs and have cost-effective ways to deliver their websites and web applications effectively.

Whether you're searching for a marketing website, rich-media website, or e-commerce website, it's simple to locate the one that meets your needs thanks to the several types of website hosting options that AWS provides. And we’ll help you select the right option for you. Our platform is designed to take care of all your AWS cloud hosting technicalities without a sys-admin.

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Hosting essentials

Our managed AWS hosting will ensure that you enjoy the unparalleled experience of Amazon Web Hosting! We will work with you to find a hosting plan that is right for you.

Robust performance

Robust Performance

Infinitive Host install an entire stack of cutting-edge servers and caching tools that are pre-configured for the managed AWS cloud services. With the best AWS cloud hosting server provider get the benefit of the latest cutting edge technology & excellent performance as per your changing needs.

Team Feature

Effective Team Collaboration

Prioritise project tasks by their value for the entire team working on AWS cloud hosting. By assigning roles for each team member, you can promote your streamlined workflow and keep everyone on the same page. This will help to ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and their tasks are getting completed in a timely manner.

One Account One Invoice

One Account, One Invoice

With our Amazon managed cloud hosting platform, you can get a single invoice for both the platform and our management services. This makes it easier to keep track of your expenses and budget for your business.

24/7 Expert Support-aws cloud formation

24/7 Manual Expert Support

Do not worry with the Infinitive host managed AWS cloud hosting services, our experienced tech experts are available 24*7 to resolve your hosting issues at any time.

Mastered aws

We Manage Your AWS While You Focus On Your Business.

To know more about our AWS cloud hosting, book your free appointment with our experts.

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 How An AWS Cloud Server Can Benefit Your Business

start must be simple-AWS cloud

One Click Installation

With just a single click, you can deploy the server of your dreams.

Galaxy leading cloud-aws cloud

Galaxy’s Leading Cloud Right Above You

Looking for a reliable cloud service? Look no further than Galaxy. We're the leading cloud hosting provider, offering top-notch services, power, reliability, and security to help you with all your needs.

Coding -aws cloud server

Coding Is Not Our Forte, But Infra!!

We build powerful Infrastructure solutions for heavy lifting that make server management a breeze for our customers.

Cloud Way to elastic

Adaptable Cloud Hosting

Our cloud is constantly evolving to meet your needs as you grow.

 Reasons To Shift From Self-Managed AWS To Infinitive Host Managed AWS

Self-Managed AWSInfinitivehost Managed AWS
24*7 SUPPORTWith self-managed AWS servers you need to deploy an internal AWS team with night shift.With infinitive host managed AWS hosting get 24*7 expert support that works round-the-clock to manage your servers.
MONITORINGThresholds and alarms will be there for Manage AWS Cloud.Get direct round the clock monitoring of the cloud instantly.
INCIDENT RESPONSEOnly a manual answer tends to correct the errors.Get a detailed analysis with root cause and recovery information.
BACKUPYou required to do manual backups for every monthThe expert support of Infinitive Host do the daily backups with well management support..
PATCHINGYou need to take care and apply all the timely updates/ patches required to your aws server.All sorts of OS updates and patches will be managed by our team.

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