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Benefits with the Tally online cloud service are

  • Access Tally Hosting on Cloud via PC / Mobiles on Windows / Linux OS/MAC
  • Remote Access through Remote App and Browser - Linux, Windows or Mac
  • No need to maintain servers at your local offices to store data
  • Security of Tally accounting data from potential attacks
  • Tally on cloud computing available for all versions
  • Tally data stores on the cloud
  • 24*7 support available

Access from Anywhere

Our Tally on Cloud works on the most secure technology and you can access it anytime and from anywhere.

Access Anytime

We provide 99.99 percent uptime and our Tally on Cloud is accessible anytime.

Access Device

Our Tally on cloud is a web-based system and you can access it using any device and OS – Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS devices

Supports all Tally versions

It supports all Tally versions and you can install Tally version of your choice and upgrade it to higher versions

Surprisingly Lightweight

Our Tally Cloud is highly optimized for better remote performance and lowest internet bandwidth requirements.

Very User-Friendly

Our Tally on Cloud is highly user-friendly, and all your users can access it securely from a web-based interface easily.

Super Secured

We take care to keep your data super-secured. There are security measures in place to keep your critical data safe from all threats and malicious files.

Seamless Printing

Our Tally on Cloud support seamless printing. You can have printing done from one location to another with a centralized printer installation.

Easy Backups

We take care of backups and automated backup mechanism are in place. You can also get your data on your local backup devices in no time. This helps you to be prepared for anything uncertain

Own your data

You own the complete data hosted on your Tally on Cloud with InfinitiveHost. Except you, no one can access your confidential data as you have complete control over it.

Why Choose Us

Fully Managed Services

  • Administration
  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • 24*7 support


  • Security assessment
  • Implement IT infrastructure security
  • Role-based access / permission

Scalability and Execution

  • Talented pool of people to help you grow your business

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