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Our Managed Wordpress Hosting Plans


  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 Core CPU

₹3000 per Month/40 USD per Month



  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1 Core CPU

₹3750 per Month/50 USD per Month


  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 Core CPU

₹5250 per Month/70 USD per Month

Why Choose Our WordPress Hosting?

LiteSpeed Cache for managed WordPress hosting

Infinitive host provides you best wordpress hosting in India as we use LiteSpeed Cache plugin that communicates effectively with your web server and its built in page cache delivers fastest performance to your WordPress site.

Light speed catch plugins are directly integrated into our wordpress hosting servers that makes it different from other management tools. It works like a messenger, so, every time you ask for a blog post or anything related to heavy media graphic content, it makes it readily available to you. In addition, Our managed wordpress hosting servers handle all the dynamic content with JavaScript and its sibling AJAX.

Lite speed cache-wordpress hosting

Best WordPress Hosting With High Security Features

We know that website security is always your first priority, and thus ours too. Here at Infinitive Host, you will get best wordpress hosting with added security features that comes with wordpress plugins and protects your site from malicious virus, hacking attacks, and other unwanted login attempts. The moment when our wordpress hosting security plugins are installed in your site, it starts working round-the-clock to double protect your website data from the vicious threats like DDOS, malware, and brute force attacks.
No matter if you are a blogger or have a full fledged ecommerce website, our wordpress hosting meets all your security demands. Infinitive Host wordpress hosting comes with wordfence website application firewall that works as a sieve, blocks any suspicious requests made to your wordpress site and filters all traffic to your website.

Benefits Of Infinitive Host WordPress Hosting Plugins

Single Click Security Installation

Our wordpress hosting plans give you single click security installation features that saves your wordpress website from heavy malicious and unauthorised attacks. You can also upgrade these security features as per your requirements.

one-click security install

Frequent Email Alerts

Infinitive Host provides best wordpress hosting in India with a variety of business centric plugins like Email alerts. The Email alert plugin in wordpress gives you amazing options like “Alert on Warnings, warn me on any critical Problem or when an admin/user signs in” that helps you to manage your business effectively.

Email alerts-Infinitive Host

In Built Virus Scanner

We provide best wordpress hosting with a wordfence scanner that will check every file you already have and any new files you add for malicious code.
It completely examines each and every piece of code and offers security unmatched by anyone else.
You have some control over the access that bots have to your website.

In built virus scanner- best wordpress hosting


We also provide login walls with wordpress dashboard login attempts. This adds a double security layer to your wordpress hosting as it sends you a notification who-ever tries to login your wordpress dashboard and issues lock-outs from logging after (n) failed login attempts. It won’t reveal the valid username in the login-error, hence making it completely secure.

The application firewall is built and maintained by a large dedicated team and focuses on 100% wordpress security. Unlike other cloud alternatives, it does not break encryption or any security breaches. It cannot be by-passed and the data is highly secure.

Login-wall- Infinitive Host

What Our Customers Says

Satisfied customers are always our top priority. We always work to align with our customers' best interests and success - because their success is our success. We are in this together and want you to succeed! Our tech experts are available 24*7 to listen to your wordpress hosting server issues and troubleshoot them instantly.