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Advance Zimbra Server

With Linux servers located in Tier-4 data centres, Zimbra web hosting services offer 99.995% SLA uptime with Zone-8/9 physical DC security and network protection.

Highly Secure Mailbox

Our Zimbra mail server offers an anti-spam filter that protects mailbox from malicious emails and phishing attacks that helps to keep your Zimbra mailbox secure and spam free.

Fully Zimbra Backup

Fully automatic backups of your Zimbra emails on a safe and secure cloud environment. Infinitive Host offers daily, weekly, and monthly backups as per the need of your business.

Amazing Benefits of Our Zimbra Email Hosting

Give wings to your dreams and empower your business with ultimate performance, scalability, and privacy of your data.
Install our dedicated hosting and experience the satisfactory server hosting !

Enhanced Productivity

Servers for Zimbra hosted email offers more flexibility & productivity allowing its users to work anywhere & at anytime.

Highly Reliable

You can fully rely on our highly dedicated Zimbra mail servers that can handle large volumes of mails with total safety and security.

Monthly Server Backups

et automated daily & monthly backup solutions on our all Zimbra mail servers that protect your sensitive data in any sudden crash.

Spam Filtering and Archiving

You can fully rely on our highly dedicated Zimbra mail servers that can handle large volumes of mails with total safety and security.

Single-click Install

Our Zimbra collaboration suite is designed to meet the scalability & growing needs of your organisation whether small or big.

Optimum Security

We offer IPS, IDS systems, & web application firewalls that constantly monitor threats & act on them in advance.

Save Cost

We offer reasonable Zimbra hosting pricing that saves your investment on hardware, software upgradation, & storage space.

24*7 Manual Tech Support

Get 24*7 manual tech support and resolve your issues instantly. You can contact us anytime via mail, phone call, or chat support.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Compatibility List Includes

Zimbra email hosting is highly cost-effective compared to other similar products available in the market. Its efficient platform is well-resourced, making it a reliable option. Additionally, our live fanatical support team is available 24x7x365 to ensure that your mailing infrastructure is always up and running smoothly.Our dashboard availability and monitoring services make support and administration more efficient. We offer 99.9% uptime and high server availability with this your cloud infrastructure becomes highly stable and reliable.

Popular Web Browsers

Our Zimbra email hosting platform supports all major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and others.

All Major Email Clients

Work with all major clients including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, or any other email client.

iOS Devices

On our Zimbra platform, configure any device to access your Zimbra a/c via built-in iOS mail app or other email clients.

Android & Windows Devices

With email hosting services, get access your email, contacts, and other collaborative tools on Android and Windows devices.

Features of Zimbra Collaboration Suite

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Why Choose Infinitive Host Zimbra Server Hosting ?

Amazing Benefits of Zimbra Web Hosting

Our Zimbra mail server Anti-spam filter protects mailbox from malicious emails and phishing attacks that helps to keep your Zimbra mailbox secure and spam free.

Save Cost

Infinitive Host offers Zimbra hosting pricing that helps you to save cost and let your energy invested in other important tasks. Our highly experienced tech experts take the control of server management, designing, deploying, and 24 hours maintenance of all server configurations.

Round-The-Clock Mail Server Support

Our expert mailing team are sitting 24*7 to analyse and resolve all the server configurations and issues that might affect your server performance.

Trust, Reliability & Optimum Scalability

Providing quality hosting is always our priority that is why our customers recommend that Infinitive Host offers one of the best email hosting services in India. We offer the most adaptable and cost-effective Zimbra mail servers that can easily scale to meet changing requirements of your business.

Additional benefits you will get:

Maximum Productivity In your Hands

Increase your business productivity and email communication with Infinitive Host fully managed Zimbra hosting services. Our Zimbra hosted email servers are working on cloud and based on the SaaS technology that are efficient to provide excellent user experience.

Additional benefits you will get:

Discover Upgraded IT Possibilities With our Advance Zimbra Hosting Services

Our highly advanced Zimbra email hosting services are designed to cater the customised needs of users. The mailing servers are adaptable according to the client’s business needs and provide webmail accessibility on all browsers that includes: Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and on all phones ( iPhone, android, blackberry, windows).

Spam Free Mailbox

Get the secure Zimbra mail server with spam free mailbox and automatic backup plans that protects your data from sudden server crash and other unexpected situations.

Timely Zimbra Backups

Infinitive host provides next level Email backup solution. With our backup solution you can access your restored data or administer it from any location without worry of any security threat.

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Our Zimbra Mail Hosting FAQs

  • Does Zimbra work with Gmail ?
    First of all you need a gmail account set up to access IMAP. Select gmail to log into your Gmail account and enable IMAP. From Zimbra desktop you will get your available email messages. Here you can also choose synchronised contacts and messages.
  • How many email ids can I create on the Zimbra server ?
    The server for Zimbra web hosting allows you to create up to 500 IDs through using the bulk account wizard from the administration console. All the accounts are inspected with the user’s name, display, and security passwords.
  • What are POP and IMAP emails?
    There are two different methods of Email access that are POP and IMAP. IMAP is used when you need to check your mail from different devices such as laptops and phones. Whereas, POP provides you the accessibility of your mails through downloading it in your device from mail services. Once they are downloaded they are automatically deleted from your device.
  • How does the Zimbra mail server work and can we use this for official emails?
    Zimbra web hosting server is a dedicated and an open-source software that provides secure and fast mailing and collaboration services. It works to manage all the mailbox contents that includes calendar, contacts, and other attachments. Initially, all messages are received by the Zimbra MTA server that further passes through all the filters that were created. Messages are now indexed and delivered to the correct mailbox.
    Yes, Zimbra mail servers are highly used for sending and receiving official emails.
  • How do I transfer Zimbra to another server?
    To transfer Zimbra to another server you need another hardware server. Firstly take a backup of all your data and then start migrating your old server data to new one. Import the user data to the new server and fix all permissions to activate your new server.
  • Which Zimbra software are you using? Is it licensed or open source?
    We are using open-source software for our Zimbra email servers.
  • Will I get a Zimbra admin panel with the product ?
    Yes, we will provide a Zimbra admin panel with Zimbra hosting services from which you can manage your email accounts and create new email ids as well.
  • What is a Zimbra web client?
    ZWC also known as Zimbra web client is a fully featured collaboration and messaging application that offers task lists, calendars, address books, full featured messages and many more.