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Bigblue Button v/s Jitsi- Which Platform Is Better?

There are several safeguards in place right now as a result of Covid-19. Digital work has surged in recent months because many organisations have been compelled to relocate their workforces to remote locations. It’s not unusual for the typical office job to incorporate internet meetings. Jitsi and BigBlueButton are just a few of the various video conferencing solutions available. The real dilemma for many is which platform they should utilise to run their business or for their own personal usage.

This is the observation we’ve reached after examining these two applications in further detail.






Jitsi Meet is an extension of the Jitsi open-source software project. This programme does not require installation and may be used without registration on the web. You may easily and quickly build and share a conference room with others. Naturally, this conference room may also be password-protected. Additionally, you may add an infinite number of members to the conversation, but please remember that video chats are restricted to about 50 participants.

The Internet connection is the issue here; each participant has estimated audio and video input rate of 2 MBps. Due to the fact that not every participant has a high-speed Internet connection, replaying video broadcasts from 50 or more people will be challenging. Additionally, it includes end-to-end encryption, a browser extension, an iOS and Android app, and unlimited free use. A critical element is data security, which Jitsi excels at. No data is shared with other parties; the firm retains it.





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BigBlueButton, like Jitsi, is an open-source product that allows for programme extension through add-ons. As a result, it is well-suited for many businesses who wish to interface their application with another. Additionally, because BigBlueButton is a web-based programme, no additional software is required. BigBlueButton, on the other hand, requires a server to be operating before people may access it over the web. Further, it is not designed for a team or individual communication; rather, it is designed for seminars and other interactive event formats with a reasonable number of participants.


What are the functions of Jitsi Meet and BigBlueButton?

Video conferencing and messaging services round out the list. Coworkers, friends, and family members can join you in a video chat session you’ve set up on these platforms. As well as chatting with other participants, you can also share appointments and documents and your screen. All you need is an application-compatible device with a reliable Internet connection.


Which platform is better?

To wrap up, Jitsi has established itself as a viable alternative and can compete based on its security and convenience of usage. However, we would welcome a few additional features.

Jitsi is now incredibly successful and provides a simple and effective solution for a large number of businesses. However, you must be fully informed about the manner in which user data is handled.

BigBlueButton is a very popular programme that is getting increasingly fascinating to a large number of individuals. Regretfully, the convenience of use falls short of the competition.

By and large, the platforms are relatively similar, yet each is quite unique in its own way.




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