Difference Between Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting?

There are always misunderstand between Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting and considered as same are same. But in reality they are way different in terms of functionalities. So below I will be explaining to you the difference between cloud and just Dedicated hosting.

There is no proper definition for what the cloud hosting is actually?, we tend to consider there being a requirement of a few basic aspects in order for a service to totally qualify as cloud hosting. Before we go into the differences, lets explain how they’re the same.

Cloud Hosting servers uses Virtualized environments and dedicated hosting uses single physical server and they use resources from the single hypervisor.

There is popular misunderstanding that with cloud server they will be able to use resource of multiple servers. This actually very false statement. A cloud server is actually able to use only resource of a single machine. Although the technology have improved a lot over Server, but we are unable to pool the resource from multiple machine and make them to work with one another.

Below are the common downside of cloud servers

Unexpected server Downtime

Although there are thousands of cloud hosting providers, Not even single service provider can be immune to server downtime. You will experience atleast few sever drops in a period of a single year.

Security and privacy

When it comes to managing sensitive data, we must not consider cloud hosting. There are dozens of stories flying around about hi-jacking popular service those were hosted in the cloud. Dedicated host is to provides complete protection and you will be able to get full access of the root permission.

Limited control and flexibility

Under various degrees of view, cloud hosting users have limited control over the functions dedicated users. Cloud platform will limit the usage if they have found to be disturbing another instance.

Cloud Costing

If you run cloud services, maybe you should use a few different vendors. You should spread your services across multiple geographic locations, if at all possible, and spend a few extra bucks here and there on safety measures beyond simple server instance imaging. This is not really cost efficiency like dedicated Hosting server since you are physically owning a server for the business.

Feel free to check with a server expert about your Hosting server requirements.

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