Difference between Shared and Dedicated Hosting Service Providers


If you are running a small or medium sized business then choosing between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is bit challenging. The confusing part about this is that you will need to look at your current as well the future needs of the business. The perplexing situation to make the right choice is that every hosting providers claims to provide unlimited of everything.
Before deciding on this, we will help you to understand the basic difference between shared and dedicated hosting providers.

What is Shared and Dedicated Hosting Server?
Multiple users or websites can be hosted on a single web server which is called Shared hosting servers. In its turn dedicated hosting service provider is solely for a single user or website and enjoys the complete benefits.


Shared Server:
In management point of view, if the user is not much sound in technical aspects and to control everything in one hand can always go for shared hosting providers. But, in shared servers the administrative access given is limited and software customization is also limited. The access that is given to you is c panel where you can control files, database and some server analytics.
Dedicated Server:
If you are technically strong and manage the complete control of server you can always opt for Dedicated hosting service providers. The major disadvantage on this is the technical knowledge gap and that also stands as an obstacle when the server is down.
Shared server:
When it comes to shared server performance there is always a drastic hike in terms of performance compared to dedicated server hosting. We as a prominent hosting company offer you a well 99.9% of uptime guarantee and update software on a regular basis.
Dedicated Server:
Since in dedicated server you hold the complete control the performance can also be measured by you. The complete dictation of system resource distribution and hardware configuration is done by the single user. In simple you can choose between HDD or SSD storage. The major advantage in this section is that the performance is highly customizable for desirable to who needs extra horsepower in efficiency.


Dedicated Server:

Unfortunately shared hosting doesn’t support you well in terms of security compared to dedicated server hosting. The fact is that in shared server hosting you are actually renting a small piece of hard disk that involves our own risk on website security. We are one among the high rated hosting provider who understands even in shared hosting the securing your website data is much prior.
Dedicated hosting server providers are much costlier than that of the share hosting server providers. But the cost you spend on dedicated server providers is worth the features offered unless you are technically sound enough to handle your business needs in terms of website traffic. It is always advisable to look at the factors the hosting providers promise and pick the choice based upon the size of your business. On that note we provide the best service in terms of performance, security and other features at your convenient budget spacing.

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