DigitalOcean vs AWS Cloud : Choose one for your business

DigitalOcean and AWS Cloud both has various benefital audience whom address their need on following their cloud hosting. So here let me explain about their process and how they work, and also which is ‘superior’ , only thing is we need to analyze the requirements of your project.

Literally Using Cloud platform you can upscale or downscale your data.

It works like online shopping, where there are so many products you can find. You put the items you think will be needed in your cart. As per your preference, you can add and subtract the goods from the cart and eventually make the payment for the things you want to purchase.

Likewise, you need to charge according to your use in a cloud storage platform. Your energy use is not compelled. Whenever you want, you can add or remove the resource.

How to Analyze the Needs of Your Business?

At first check with our database, analyze what type of business you have and followed that with the traffic estimation, like 

  • Size of Business: Is your website is startup or a big venture?
  • Type of Application: Is it a static website or your application’s critical or dynamic  server?
  • Traffic Estimation: What is the range of traffic you see on an average for monthly basics?

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You can find the best match for your project based on the following categories.

AWS vs DigitalOcean: Choose the Better Cloud Hosting?

1. Advanced Operations

Here, DigitalOcean is an infrastructure as a service.Here we need to manage almost everything such as security,operating system,complete databases and some more. Whereas in AWS cloud offers managed services, which is been manage everything on it with its own except application.


2) Easy to use 

It is a common belief that they should be responsible for its overall management whenever you take a service from the cloud partner. Your partner should handle the entire server and help you solve the related problems.

3. Support

DigitalOcean’s support system is much superior to Amazon when you’re new to the cloud. If you are an advanced user, however, the services of DigitalOcean and Amazon are almost on the same plane.

The operation of Amazon is a bit automated due to its platform and size. DigitalOcean has a large developer and user community. For controlled virtual ocean, there are videos, how – to guides, and all you need to address or speak to our cloud experts.

4. Pricing

The next important aspect we will be covering is the cost contrast between DigitalOcean and AWS. Pricing plays a vital role in decision-making, and no one beats DigitalOcean if you’re looking for the best price. The pricing structure of DigitalOcean makes it easy for newbies to understand and start with it. DigitalOcean’s most basic plan is just $5/month and comes with pretty good specs that make it a great value.

For each of their services, on the other hand, Amazon Web Services offers a complex pricing structure. Amazon’s EC2 is pretty good priced, though, and is also the most popular AWS service. Given the complexities of AWS pricing, they provide flexibility in terms of payment models. Based on the service you have selected, you can pay monthly or hourly.


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The two best cloud service providers are DigitalOcean and AWS. But you need to select one of them, obviously.

DigitalOcean –

DigitalOcean is a cloud-based service provider that makes virtual servers and data storage secure and easy to use. Use DigitalOcean jargon, DigitalOcean offers digital servers (VPS) and droplets. It also uses the terminology of KVM and can produce droplets of various sizes.

AWS cloud –

AWS has developed a wide range of cloud computing platforms, with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) being the most popular among them. As of 2017, AWS owns a large share of the cloud (IaaS, Paas) that reaches 34%.


However, it can not be justified to fight the DigitalOcean vs. AWS. The former targets a small developer market that requires a small high-performance instance. Whereas, Amazon’s ‘ everyone-approach ‘ is massive.

Interestingly, when it comes to user experience and performance, Amazon still faces tough competition from a startup. Faced with your Instance or Droplets management problems? Feel free to contact us ?

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