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Top Open Source Web Hosting Panels - Infinitive Host

Top Open Source Web Hosting Panels

As a website owner, working with dozens of online services is laborious and demands system administrator-level expertise. A web hosting control panel

Codes And Compression Techniques Of Video Encoding

What is video encoding? Encoding is, in basic terms, the act of compressing and converting raw video footage to a digital file or format, which makes

A comprehensive guide to a Bare Metal Hypervisor - Infinitive Host

A Comprehensive Guide To A Bare Metal Hypervisor

Looking for a solution that is extremely scalable, adaptable, and quick for your IT backbone? Knowing the distinction between bare metal and virtualiz

A Guide To Web Application Firewall

A web application firewall (WAF) is a type of firewall that monitors, filters, and stops data packets between a website or web application and the out

ModSecurity: Need and Importance - Infinitive Host

ModSecurity: Need And Importance

ModSecurity (ModSec) is an Apache module that aids in the prevention of external assaults on your website. Again, ModSecurity acts as a web applicatio

DDOS Attack-Types And Ways To React To Them - Infinitive Host

DDOS Attack-Types And Ways To React To Them ?

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) attempts to render a computer or a cyber-service unavailable by flooding it with traffic from various sou

Everything You Need To Know About Metaverse

At its heart, the metaverse is an embodied internet: a social space where individuals can connect via individualised avatars that make them feel more