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Choosing the Best Audio Codec for Live Streaming- Infinitive Host

Choosing The Best Audio Codec For Live Streaming

If your organisation is not relegated to the early period, you are certainly currently utilising video to sell your brand (or are at least considerin

How Is Ukraine-Russia War Impacting Web Hosting Businesses In India?

With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine deteriorating, the services sector will bear a significant burden. The Covid-19 epidemic has boosted the

Ultimate Web Hosting Guide - Infinitive Host

Web Hosting Services: A Guide For Beginners

In today’s world, everyone needs a website for their company or group. However, not everyone is successful in breaking the digital code online.

MP4 V/S HLS V/S Dash- Infinitive Host

MP4 V/S HLS V/S Dash- Which Video Format Is Better For Streaming?

Mobile video streaming traffic is expected to reach 42,734 petabytes per month by the year 2021, according to recent polls. It is predicted that by 20

Emergence of Web Hosting in the year 2022-Infinitive Host

Emergence Of Web Hosting In The Year 2022

By 2021, it was clear that the internet could keep enterprises afloat even in the most difficult of circumstances. A robust and resilient online prese

What's the Best Video Bitrate for Streaming-Infinitive Host

What’s The Best Video Bitrate For Streaming?

Keeping with the unofficial “Video Streaming 101” theme, it’s time to examine bitrate, and more specifically, your streaming bitrate

Exclusive Hosting plans - Infinitive Host

Exclusive Hosting Plans For Your Website

Every effective website relies on reliable web hosting. Choosing the right hosting plan for your company’s needs can help you improve your SEO a