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Choosing The Best Audio Codec For Live Streaming

If your organisation is not relegated to the early period, you are certainly currently utilising video to sell your brand (or are at least considering it). While our initial reaction to the video is generally its aesthetic attractiveness, audio is also a critical component. If you want to deliver the finest user experience possible, you must guarantee that the sound quality of your video is excellent. That is why it is critical to use the optimal audio codec for your films and broadcasts!


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Audio codecs are essential to the audio encoding process, which is why selecting the incorrect one can have a big influence on the sound quality of your film. The term “audio encoding” refers to the process of converting audio to digital format. It is the process of converting analog audio recordings to digital audio files. We would be unable to record or recreate sounds without audio encoding.

Therefore, what role do audio codecs play throughout the encoding process? What is an audio codec in the first place? And which audio codec is the best for video and live streaming? These are just a few of the issues we’ll discuss here, so let’s get started!

What is meant by an ‘Audio Codec?’

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The term “audio acodec” refers to a device or piece of software that we employ to compress digital audio files to make them smaller and easier to distribute. In other words, audio and other multimedia files are encoded and decoded using codecs.

The problem with uncompressed audio files is that they are far too huge for internet video and live streaming. However, here is where audio codecs come to the rescue!

RAW audio files are encoded and decoded using codecs. The former entails deleting any unnecessary data while keeping as much of the original file’s quality as feasible. The latter refers to the process of preparing the file for playing.

Audio codecs are critical components of any online video or live feed in either case. Without them, your films would lack the sharp and clear audio that you’re accustomed to.

Best Audio Codec for Live Streaming

So which audio codec is the best for your video and streaming needs? we’d state it plainly: we feel that AAC should be your codec of choice! The following are some of the reasons we believe AAC is the optimal audio codec for video-on-demand and streaming content:

* AAC is compatible with a broad variety of platforms, including Android, MAC, iOS, and Windows.

* This codec produces higher-quality audio than competitors such as MP3.

* Because of AAC’s effective compression, it is especially well-suited for online use due to its modest file sizes.

If you are unable to afford AAC, you should choose the next best option. Ogg Vorbis is perhaps the greatest audio codec alternative to AAC for online video and live streaming, so you cannot go wrong with this low-cost option.

There is one other point worth noting here – the emerging If Opus gains widespread acceptance, it has the potential to surpass AAC as the best audio codec for video and streaming. That is why, in the future, we strongly encourage you to monitor it!

Final Takeaway

Technical components of internet video and live streaming, such as audio codecs, might be fairly intimidating, but you should now be equipped to make an informed choice. We hope we can throw some light on this perplexing subject and improve your understanding of audio codecs. Before embarking on your online video and live streaming adventure, the final step is to get a reputable online video platform!


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